Italy is a very beautiful country with many interesting places to see. Thanks to the exchange I saw Lucera. The city turned out to be absolutely fascinating and interesting. It is clean and neat. Italian people showed us the cathedral, castle, amphitheater and another city - Foggia. There we spent a great time: shopping, going to the pub and other things. In Italy we visited Trani and Barletta, which are situated near sea. We saw there a cathedral and the town.

Tkanks to the exchange I saw the process of production of different food. In Foggia we visited an experimental centre for the careals cultivation  and a pasta factory. There we got some pasta that we could take home. I found out a lot of interesting things.

My host family was nice. In their home I ate a lot of delicious food like bruscetta, spaghetti with clams, pizza. Italian food is very diverse. I think that the eating habits of the Italians are not very heathy. The people eat very little for breakfast and a lot of for dinner and supper which is different than in Poland. During the exchange we were making pasta like citatelli, orecchiette, pizza fritte. It was a very funny day, we made this pasta ourselves and next we ate what we made.

Italian people are very friendly and always happy. When the exchange finished we also had a possibility to visit Rome. I had never been there before that and I liked it a lot.

Thanks to going to Italy I became more open for other people and their culture and I will never forget the places I saw.

Amanda Skorupa kl. IId

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